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​PBD Title
​PBD 1:1992
​Use of SI Metric System in Construction Industry
​PBD 2:1992
Steel fabric for the reinforcement of concrete
​PBD 3:1992
​Carbon steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete
​​PBD 4:1992
​Scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete
​PBD 5:1992
​Cold reduced steel wire for reinforcement of concrete
​PBD 6: Part 1: 1993
​Concrete: Part 1 Guide to specifying concrete
​PBD 6: Part 2: 1993
​Concrete: Part 2 -Methods for specifying concrete mixes
​​PBD 6: Part 3: 1993
​Concrete: Part 3 - Specification for the procedures to be used in producing and transporting concrete
​​PBD 6: Part 4: 1994
​Concrete: Part 4 - Specification for the procedures to be used in sampling, testing and assessing compliance of concrete
PBD 7:1993
​Nomenclature of common timber in Brunei Darussalam
​PBD 8:1993
​Specification for treated timber products
​PBD 10:1994
​Welding - ensuring quality in welded structures
​PBD 11:1994
​Sawn timber foundation piles
​PBD 11:2012
​Timber: Sawn Timber Foundation Piles
​PBD 12:1994
​Building Guidelines and Requirements
​PBD 12:2008
​​Building Guidelines and Requirements
PBD 12:2014​
​​​Building Guidelines and Requirements
​PBD 12:2017
​Building Guidelines and Requirements
​PBD 13:1994
​​​Building Guidelines and Requirements
​PBD 14:1994
​Ordinary and rapid-hardening Portland cements
​PBD 15: Part 1: 1994
​Welding terms and symbols: Part 1. Glossary for welding, brazing and thermal cutting
​PBD 15: Part 2: 1994
​Welding terms and symbols: Part 2. Specification for symbols for welding
​PBD 16:1994
​Timber: Methods for Determination of Moisture Content of Timber
​PBD 17: Part 1: 1995
​Structural Steel Sections: Part 1 Specification for hot-rolled sections
​PBD 18:1995
​Timber: Specification for the use of timber in carpentry and joinery works
​PBD 19:1995
​Structural Steel I and H Sections: Tolerances on shape and dimensions
​PBD 20:1997
​Specification for Burnt Clay Bricks
​PBD 21:1997
​Timber: Design of Timber Columns
​PBD 22:1998
​Timber: Design of Timber Beams
​PBD 23:2003
​Timber: Terms associated with Trusses
​PBD 24:2007
Halal Food
​PBD 25:2016
​Code of Hygienic Practice for Precooked and Cooked Foods in Mass Catering
​PBD 26:2016
​Brunei Darussalam Guidelines for Manufacturing and Handling for Halal Cosmetic Products
​PBD 27:2016
​Brunei Standard for Organic Agriculture (Vegetables and Fruits)
​PBD 28:2015
​Brunei Good Agricultural Practice - Food Safety Module
​PBD 29:2015
​Brunei Good Agricultural Practice - Produce Quality Module
​PBD 30:2016
​Standard for Crackers from Marine and Freshwater Fish, Crustacean and Molluscan Shellfish
​PBD 31:2016
​Tourist Accomodation Standard - Homestay


​PBD ISO Title
​PBD ISO/IEC 17025
​General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories
​PBD ISO 631:1975(E) 
First edition 2010
​Mosaic Parquet Panels - General Characteristics
​PBD ISO 820
​Particle Boards - Definition and Classification
​PBD ISO 1072:1975(E) First edition 2010
​Solid Wood Parquet - General Characteristics
​PBD ISO 1098
​Veneer Plywood for General Use - General Requirements
​PBD ISO 1324:1985(E) First edition 2009
​Solid Wood Parquet - Classification of Oak Strips
​PBD ISO 2036:1976(E) First edition 2009
​Wood for Manufactured of Wood Flooring - Symbols for Marking According to Species
​PBD ISO 2426-1
​Plywood - Classification by Surface Appearance - Part 1: General
​PBD ISO 2457:1976(E) First edition 2010
​Solid Wood Parquet - Classification of Beech Strips
​PBD ISO 3129:1975(E)
​Wood - Sampling Methods and General Requirements for Physical and Mechanical Tests
​PBD ISO 3132:1975(E) First edition 2010
​Wood - Testing in Compression Perpendicular to Grain
​PBD ISO 3133:1975(E) First edition 2010
​Wood - Determination of Ultimate Strength In Static Bending
​PBD ISO 3397:1977(E) 
First edition 2009
​Broadleaved Wood Raw Parquet Blocks - General Characteristics
​PBD ISO 4471:1975(E)
First edition 2010
​Wood-Sampling Sample Trees and Logs for Determination of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wood in Homogeneous Stands
​PBD ISO 5320:1980(E)
First edition 2009
​Solid Wood Parquet - Classification of Fir and Spruce Strips
​PBD ISO 5326:1978(E)
First edition 2010
​Solid Wood Paving Blocks - Hardwood Paving Blocks - Quality Requirement
​PBD ISO 5327:1978(E)
First edition 2010
​Solid Wood Paving Blocks - General Characteristics
​PBD ISO 5328:1978(E) 
First edition 2010
​Solid Wood Paving Blocks - Soft Wood Paving Blocks - Quality Requirements
​PBD ISO 5334:1978(E)
​Solid Wood Parquet - Classification of Maritime Pine Strips
​PBD ISO 6891
​Timber Structures - Joints Made with Mechanical Fasteners - General Principles for the Determination of Strength and Deformation Characteristics
​PBD ISO 8375
​Solid Timber in Structural sizes - Determination of some Physical and Mechanical Properties
​PBD ISO 8905:1988(E) 
First edition 2010
​Sawn Timber - Test Methods - Determination of Ultimate Strength in Shearing Parallel to Grain
​PBD ISO 8906:1988(E) 
First edition 2010
​Sawn Timber - Test Methods - Determination of Resistance to Local Transverse Compression
​PBD ISO 8969
​Timber Structures - Testing of Unilateral Punched Metal Plate Fasteners and Joints
​PBD ISO 8970
​Timber Structures - Testing of Joints Made with Mechanical Fasteners - Requirements for Wood Density
​PBD ISO 9000:2000(E)
​Quality Management Systems - Fundamentals and Vocabulary
​PBD ISO 9000:2005(E) 
Third edition
Quality Management Systems - Fundamentals and Vocabulary
​PBD ISO 9000-1:1994(E)
Quality Systems - Guide to selection and use of quality management and quality assurance standards 
​PBD ISO 9001:2000(E)
​Quality Management Systems - Requirements
​PBD ISO 9001:2008
Fourth edition 2008
​Quality Management Systems - Requirements
​PBD ISO 9002:1994(E)
​Quality Systems - Model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing
​PBD ISO 9003:1994(E)
​Quality Systems - Model for quality assurance in final inspection and test
​PBD ISO 9004:2000(E)
​Quality Management Systems - Guidelines for Performance Improvements
​PBD ISO 9004-1:1994(E)
​Quality Systems - Quality management and quality systems elements - Guidelines
​PBD ISO 9087
​Wood - Determination of Nail and Screw Holding Power under Axial Load Application
​PBD ISO 10983
Timber Structures - Solid Timber Finger-Jointing - Production Requirements
​PBD ISO 15392:2008(E)
First edition 2010
​Sustainability in Building Construction - General Principles
​PBD ISO 17064
Wood-based Panels - Fibreboard, Particleboard and Oriented Strand Board (OSB) - Vocabulary