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Do you have any comments, complaints or feedbacks regarding the electrical services, oil and gas local business development (LBD) or any other general queries related to the energy sector?

*Please note that we take your privacy very seriously and any complaints will be treated anonymously. Therefore we seek your cooperation in providing us with your details that will enable us to contact you.


 Recent Complaints

Complaint:Assalamualaikum.. Saya ppk dari corhort 1.pada 04 september 2019 saya ada menghubungi ppk hotline menanyakan mengenai elaun saya tidak ada masuk. Tetapi kakitangan yang menjawab panggilan memberitahu saya bahawa orang yang menguruskan elaun kami sedang sibuk dan dia meminta no kad pengenalan saya dan nombor telefon dan memberitahu akan menelepon saya semula. Tapi sampai sekarang saya tidak memerima panggilan dari biskita. Saya tidak tahu samada saya masih lagi menerima elaun $300 dari kerajaan atau tidak selepas saya diberhentikan bekerja di pulau muara besar? Jika tidak, kenapa? Adakah disebabkan saya tidak lagi bekerja dan elaun diberhentikan sementara sampai saya mendapatkan kerja baru, baharu lh di sambung semula elaun saya? Saya ada tanggungjawab seperti membayar kerita.. Macam mana dengan pembayaran kerita saya? Untuk mendapatkan kerja baru seperti di fahami tidak dalam jangka yang singkat. Ianya memerlukan masa. Jadi Bagaimana dengan pembayaran kerita saya?saya harap pihak biskita dapat memahami situasi saya.
Terima kasih
Date:04/03/2020 11:27
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Complaint:Cheap spa days are becoming the ideal way for people to unwind and relax, in beautiful surroundings with excellent spa treatments. Visiting a spa is the ideal way to enjoy some time away from the typical hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, combining the spa with a weekend away in one of the many stunning hotels in the country is perfect. Visit to have more details
Date:04/03/2020 11:24
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Name:Local Hengyi
Saya perkerja local di Hengyi. Simple saja yg kn ku sampaikan.

Bila company kn project dibrunei mesti agree dgn goverment punya law. Once agree then durang bulih run business dsini.

Most of Chinese di hengyi ani nda pandai cakap english ( as per world wide regulation oil and gas industry all comunication must in english)

Dsini anak tempatan menjadi kepayahan utk belajar dan bekerja , so nampak lah MCM nda pandai kraja!!!

HSE in Hengyi cina nya nda mengikut standart dibrunei wich NIBOSH is required. Menagur urg secara teriak2.! Yg peliknya bilan durang dpt info ada POLIS checking nah ada tia ia update dlm group suruh tapuk minuman and sigup..hehehhe cali kn!!.

I can say 95% durang ani nada driving lesen. Tapi dlm pulau bulih driving. Laju2 , urg bebiskal banyak,nasib alum ada yg trujuh mati. Kreta company durang bawa atu ada lagi sampai tlangar tiang.. idar2 lagi drive kambang2an...!! Soalan ku..MNA HSE Local brunei di Hengyi atu?

Gaji cina basar..tapi kraja sama..pintar g anak brunei..tpi gaji local damit hahaha cali kn....

Ada banyak jetty di bila kapal masuk semua urg jetty atu yg bkraja dsana semua abis sekulah..mana durang tau bahaya nya. Nasib Tuhan melindungi durang ani.  Nada krusus basic.

Ada some durang ani kana antar ke laut untuk discharge minyak mentah. Tapi nada krusus basic perkapalan. Nada pengelaman. Sampai ada local Hengyi yg bkraja pakai prahu pun keluar masa angin kancang..nasib jua masih hidup anak brunei atu.

Minta tolong tah . Kami anak brunei dlm BAHAYA. Bukan supermarket tu Hengyi atu. REFINERY TU !!!

Date:27/02/2020 19:51
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Name:Muhammad Fiqree Bin Ismail
Complaint:I am Muhammad Fiqree Ismail (01-111556) here to file a complain regarding an event that just happened today, 13th February 2020, Thursday. I was being summoned by the management of KTL Services Sdn Bhd, which my position assigned to this company was as Technician to the Laundry  Hub.  Mr.Yusri, the Managing Director, informed me that I am being fired immediately with the reason that I stole the company's money.
I find this is very invalid because I was being accused of stealing the Laundry Hub's money. The reason why they accused me of stealing the money is because the incident happened only during my shift. I had a shift rota of where the cycle is 2 Days of morning shift and 2 days of Night shift and I had to daily visit all the four branches in Kuala Belait, Seria, Lumut and Tutong during my duty hours. They told me that the money was stolen from 3 of the branches -  Seria, Lumut and Tutong.
 I find it weird and unreasonable as they told me that the stealing of the money only happened during my shift. I honestly never took any  money from the Laundry and I even asked the management to provide me the evidence of me stealing the money as I am aware there are CCTVs installed in every branches of the Laundry Hub. However, they told me that it would be useless for them to show me the CCTV footage because they had a record of the duty person for the certain shift. Their evidence is based on the shift record only. To be honest, anything could happen during my shift. I could have been visiting to the Lumut branch while the other 3 branches are left unattended without any supervision and anything could happen during the unattended period.
I am strongly forced against my will to be terminated by the company. They have told me to come to their office tomorrow, 14th February 2020, Friday to sign the Termination Letter and to collect my final payment. However, I have made my decision not to come to their office as I know I am not guilty and my rights as employee is being violated.

What catches my attention the most is when they believe that I took the money, why don't they make a report to the Police Station? And why are they not deducting my salary to compensate  the amount that they think I stole? I will not stay still with this accusation and I hope that MEMI would take some measurement or give me some advise.

I am also going to make a report to the Labor Department KB and proceeding to make a Police Report for the accusation they've made. I believe I am being framed because I know I never took or steal any  of the company's property or money.

I just want justice and my pride from being accused as a thief to be restored. Im speaking for my right as an employee who is being exploited and framed. I am very disappointed with the action taken by KTL Services Sdn Bhd.

Hoping to get some feedback soon.
Date:13/02/2020 19:18
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Name:Roziah Binti ismail
Complaint:I was employed by BSP from 2014 and my service was terminated by the company on 27/8/2019 for the reason unclear to me. I was given a letter of termination to be signed by the Chief medical officer and the Integrated facility management Head without the presence of HR personal.
 II asked them what was the reason they could not really explained it properly but in the termination letter it fall under the clause 8 of the contract. When I read it at home it was some serious criminal type of activities like theft or forging of personal details etc which I did not do. I was serving as a medical doctor and the manner in which it was done was damaging my reputation and causing me difficulty getting a job back home since I was asked to leave.
iI asked them as to what do I say when I was asked later for the reason to leave? Since I was not sure as to why I was asked to leave. They told me to craft some excuses. However, when I asked the department when I applied some other job at home they asked my HOD to say that I was terminated. This is unfair for me since it is affecting my future career and my livelihood.
iI am urging this department to make an inquiry into this issue. BSP is a reputable company and the hiring and firing should be done professionally. In my case I feel it was very unprofessionally done and causing damages to my reputation and future employbility.
Date:21/10/2019 08:08
Date Of Issue Closed:-

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