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Note to Industry

2013/NTI/1 - Brunei Legislation Updated - Issued 27th April 2013

2013/NTI/2 - COMAH 2013 FAQ - Issued 17th October 2013

2014/NTI/1 - Regulation Update - Issued 20th January 2014

2014/NTI/2 - COMAH Regulations Implementation Date - Issued 23rd January 2014

2014/NTI/3 - Directive 01/2014: Transition period for COMAH Safety Cases

2014/NTI/4 - Workplace Safety and Health Order Associated Regulations Announcement

2014/NTI/5 - COMAH Regulation 2013 Safety Case Certificate Extension Announcement

2016/NTI/1 - Energy and Industry Department Prime Minister's Office Name Change and Website Address

2016/NTI/2 - Control Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations 2013 Material Change Requirements to a Safety Case

2016/NTI/3 - Control Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations Coiled Tubing Unit Requirement

2016/NTI/4 - WSHO 2009: HSE Training Requirements for MAH Industry Sector

2016/NTI/5 - Safety Communication Protocol Against Encroachment of the 500m Safety Zones

2017/NTI/1 - Scaffolding Training Rcognition and Acceptance

2017/NTI/2 - Pyrotechnic Importation and Disposal: Recognition of Service Provider

2017/NTI/3 - Environmental Protection and Management Order, 2016

2017/NTI/4 - COMAH Safety Case Submission Timing

2017/NTI/5 - WSHO 2009: HSE Training Requirements for MAH Industry Sector

2017/NTI/6 - WSHO 2009: Use of Self Righting Life Jackets

2017/NTI/7 - COMAH (Amendments) Regulations 2017 Implementation

2017/NTI/8 - COMAH (Amendments) Regulations 2017

2017/NTI/9 - COMAH (Amendments) Regulations 2017 - Well Notification Requirements

2017/NTI/10 - EIDPMO HSE Office Relocation

2018/NTI/1 - Decommissioning and Restoration Guidelines

2018/NTI/2 - WSHO 2009: PPE and HSE Training

2018/NTI/3 - Scaffolding Training Recognition

2018/NTI/4 - SHENA Implementation Notice

2018/NTI/5 - Appointment of Chief Inspector SHENA

2018/NTI/6 - SHENA Order 2018 Publication Notice

NTI/2019/01 - Radiation Protection Order 2018 Publication Notice

NTI/2019/02 - NTI 2019 02 - WSH Officer Notification of Appointment

NTI/2019/03 - Brunei COMAH Safety Case Assessment Matrix


Industry Guidance Notes

IGN/2019/01 - Lifting Operation

Registration Forms

  1. WSH Officer Registration Form Rev. 1




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